Writer and editor with a passion for helping small businesses tell their stories

What I do...

It's so much more than words.


Good sales copy is more than a series of buzzwords plucked from an SEO blog. It captivates passersby and prompts conversation. It presents the ‘why’ behind your business. And it’s the kind of copy I can create for you.
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Maybe you need an informational white paper on the benefits of your unique product, or perhaps you’d like a compelling article detailing the origin story of your business. I have the skills and expertise to help.
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As a freelance editor, I provide a unique, unbiased perspective. I can evaluate your content for hidden details like tone and passion (or lack of). But don’t worry, I’ll catch those pesky typos and misplaced commas as well.
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My work


See what other clients have to say
  • "Kate is an absolute joy to work with! With minimal direction, she was able to hit the ground running and easily take on the voice of our brand. My favorite thing about Kate is she is so collaborative and communicative. Even though she's in a contractor role, she fully feels like a part of our internal team! Hire Kate—she's worth every penny."
    Cubicle to CEO
    Ellen Yin, CEO & Founder
  • "It is rare to find someone who is talented both in creative storytelling as well as corporate writing. Kate has put in the time and effort to truly know our customers and how best to communicate with them, which makes the writing process seamless."
    Church Extension Plan
    Caleb Clements, Church Extension Plan
  • "Kate has a keen mind and ability to take a complex writing project and boil it down into clear, concise language. I appreciate her clear communication and am thrilled she's part of our team!"
    Word's Out PR
    Nicole Steen, Principal Strategist
  • “Kate has helped us focus our written brand for external marketing and internal messaging to our employees and contractors. She is prompt, clear, and professional in her expectations and communication. We are so thankful to have Kate as part of our team.”
    Coho Realty
    Peter Braunworth, Licensed Principal Broker

Hi, I'm Kate.

A little bit about me…
My truest and most authentic self comes through in writing, and I’ve used this skill to help individuals and businesses convey their unique voices as well. I have worked with a variety of leaders and companies. I have written about everything from retirement to remodeling. But what I bring to the table is consistent with every client. If you want to express your authentic brand identity and connect with your audience through writing, I can help.
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